Barrier Resolution

What is a Barrier?

A barrier is a problem or block to receiving the services and support you need. Examples of barriers can include:

  • Not being able to get the specific services/supports a youth or family needs
  • Lack of services that meet cultural or linguistic needs of a youth or family
  • Systems not collaborating or working together to better benefit a youth or familyĀ 

Do you know someone who has experienced a barrier or problem while working with child-serving systems, like child welfare, juvenile justice, intellectual/developmental disabilities, education, early learning, substance use treatment, physical, mental or oral health, or other community services?

How are BarriersĀ Resolved?

Youth, caregivers, and community partners experiencing barriers can submit them to the Yamhill Community SOC for review. Once you submit a barrier submission form, System of Care Practice Members work together to collaborate
and resolve barriers, improve systems, and create healthy communities.Ā This group comes up with ideas and decides who can work on or fix the barrier in their system or they give their ideas to the Advisory Committee, a group of Youth, Family Members, and Leaders from all the community systems who work together to fix problems that are in more than one system.

Submitting a Barrier to Yamhill Community SOC

Barriers can be submitted by anyone! If you are experiencing a problem or barrier while working with youth-serving systems, the barrier submission form gives you an opportunity to identify and describe your problem or barrier.

If you have questions about what's happening with your barrier, please emailĀ [email protected].

Submit a Barrier Form
Enviar un Formulario de Barrera
SOC Barrier Resolution Process