What is YAMYAC?

YAMhill Youth Advisory Council

Youth from Yamhill County, ages 14-25 who have lived experience in systems such as school, Juvenile Justice, or DH (foster care placement) who want to be heard and have respect for youth culture.

Members are asked to participate in a monthly meeting for one hour. Some members may also be attending SOC as wanted or needed.

YAMYAC Mission & Vision

Vision: Youth of Yamhill County will have an integrated place at Systems of Care and feel heard and respected doing so.

Mission: Youth of Yamhill County will feel valued in voicing system change, SOC will be more youth driven, and comfortable in a youth culture atmosphere while advocating for self-refer for mental health services and a youth space for all youth of Yamhill County.

Why Should You Join?

Your Voice Matters

YAMYAC is organized to give the youth in Yamhill County a voice to be heard.

Our Purpose:

  • To establish a meaningful spot for youth at SOC

  • To elevate youth voice in systemic changes.

  • To cultivate a deeper respect for the challenges us youth face in system.

  • To develop and create a date youth space, where youth can go and feel comfortable and have fun in a neutral atmosphere that is welcoming to youth of all backgrounds, gender, and lifestyle.

  • To help one another feel empowered while navigating systems that are put in place to help us.

  • Offer support to one another in the formulating of YAMYAC

Where is the Next Event?

Meetings Held on the 1st Thursday of Every Month

Location: Yamhill County Family & Youth
420 NE 5th St. McMinnville, OR 97128

Time: 4-5 PM

Pizza and Refreshments Will be Provided

For more info or Transportation support:

Sienna Osborne: (971) 746-9699 | [email protected]

Ali Redl: (971) 461-0899 | [email protected]